Saturday, 22 May 2010

Romance wins in the end!

As today's play-off game had approached, like a vast majority of fans (other than those from the Premier League) I was fully behind Blackpool hoping for a fairy tale ending.
There was a degree of sadism at the prospect of the 'big' clubs going there in the depth of winter with the wind and rain lashing in from the Irish Sea on a quagmire of a pitch and getting their 5 star Yves St Lauren track suits mud splattered in the car park.
However, once I had learnt of the rumoured £250K transfer windfall from a Cardiff win, I am afraid to say that my heart took back seat and I switched my allegiances to Cardiff with the prospect of bolstering our bank account.
Well, it's transpired that the result is yet another significant setback for us this season.
Yet, once I put the financial implications behind me, I have to say how really pleased I am for Blackpool.
Half of the town showed up and enjoyed an exciting open game (in true Charlton Wembley play-off style). Let's hope a proportion of them turn up to boost Blackpool's dismal gates.
The 'Stan Matthews' Cup Final was even before my time but naturally I've seen all the film clips and romance of the occassion, and subsequently seen many a good player emerge after an apprenticeship at Blackpool. Indeed, though not in the same class as some players of old, Hoolahan has done a good job at Norwich and I made several entries on CAFCPICKs in previous seasons on the merit of buying him (when we had some money). I still beleive he would have provided the creative element we have missed.
So good luck to Blackpoool; may they confound the sceptics by staying up more then one season, and take a few scalps in the process.

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