Sunday, 1 May 2011

All on the Last Game (plus thoughts on next season)

  As my previous post suggested, it has gone to the wire as to which 'London' club finishes in the lowest position this season (excluding D & G and Barnet; relative newcomers to 'Greater London').
Huddersfield have Brentford at home and to avoid the ignominy of finishing bottom I suppose we should be shouting for them. However, by common consent it would be better to see Southampton gain automatic promotion and Huddersfield win the play-offs to get them both out of the division for next year. 
Southampton are obviously the better side, but both have money to invest next season which could dwarf our own resources (?).
We still have the task of beating Hartlepool at the Valley (no small feat at present).

Looking ahead: if rumours are to believed, we will not see Liera next season. I was not a great fan due to his frailty on the ground  but he is domineering in the air and has put his heart into going 100% (and wishing to stay at the Valley). I wish him well and feel confident he will get fixed up somewhere (and probably come back to haunt us by scoring from a corner).
Stories persist about both Racon and Samedo leaving. I will be sorry to see both leave (especially Samedo who gives 100%) , as although they have underperformed, the presence of another gutsy midfielder along side them (a La Bailey) would have brought the best out of them.
We still need a player of that sort, but I do not see him around at present. Parrett is a promising but lightweight option, and I have seen little to convince me that Stuart can fulfil that role, despite adulations from others around the web. Always like to be proven wrong but……
Unlike other,I feel that Dailly can be an important skipper and providing we have adequate cover for when he is unavailable he can remain important (but it is liely that will not come from Liera and probably Fortune
It’s kind of nice over the last few games that it’s been possible to relax and not remain glued to results to see if we can survive. Let’s hope for better next season!


Crowborough Addick said...

See my comments on CAFC picks, as to how Southern clubs are leaving League 1 to be mainly replaced by Northern teams next year.

It could be a clean sweep if results work out correctly.

Also where will you be drinking on Saturday,on the offchance I venture to the game, so I can buy you a celebratery drink for your performance this season.

Mike BARRY said...

Thank you for your kind comments and the usual interesting info (on CAFCPICKS).
A small band of us CAFCPICKERS (though someimes just 2 of us) used to meet regularly in the White Swan in the Village (as easier to get a drink than at the Rose). However, that was closed for renovation recently and we reverted to the Anchor by the riverside (great location but not My guess is that if the weather is good we will be by the river, otherwise we may return to the Swan.
Once I know; I'll post location on CAFCPICKS "Comments" (but remind me if I forget!!)

Mike BARRY said...

PREVIOUS POST NOTE ON WHITE SWAN SHOULD HAVE SAID "great location but no draught beer". My guess is .....,,,,"