Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Could be THE telling signing

A great performance, though limited to a late substitution, from our new French striker.
He looked class as soon as he came on. Not only did the Frenchman hold the ball up well, he got two great headers in straight away, threaded a sublime through ball and even showed some real old fashioned muscle and shoulder; like a centre forward of old.
He looks like being a real snip and will become a favourite with the fans if he keeps it up. One is tempted to say; "what's the catch'? how come we have managed to secure him? For the time being, I'll credit CP with the coup.
Otherwise, the again was of two halves; MKD dominated the first half when were really poor, like many performance last season. They could have been 3 or 4 goals up by the interval with Hollands showing all the signs of sleepless nights on the domestic front, Stephens reverting to his anonymous role and Wagsatffe succeeding again in not being able to cross the ball.
We sharpened up in the second half and harried their midfield to greater effect. We had a couple of concerted pressure period, during which our new striker scored a great goal and came close with two other efforts.However, even then we did not look the class act of recent games, probably due to the fact that MKD looked like a side who will stay the course and be there amongst us at the end of the season.
With the skills of Green to provide pin point crosses, the new striker can yet be the hero of the season. However, there is a need to work out how to cover Solly when he is providing an attacking force, as that is not a quality that Green seems to possess, other than giving unnecessary free kicks away in dangerous positions.
Once again. some of our headed clearances were not deep enough in the first half but the back four otherwise held up reasonably well though Solly had a shaky first half.

Our new goalkeeper made a number of good saves, in particular one in the second half from a  long range shot that he saw very late . He seems to be proving himself as a sound replacement and shot stopper, and a probable improvement on Elliot and with his height he also provides a real force in cutting out crosses.
Pity that Preston are hitting form as a draw was a good result (with us even let off the hook to an extent)which would have meant that a draw at Sheff United would see us retain top spot. However, Preston are at home so things may be different.
We are hoping that our Canadian visitors (Bob Miller and his wife) a regular CAFCPICKS contributor, will bring us  some Maple Leaf luck at United

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