Saturday, 12 November 2011

Caution Yes: But Let's Not Go Over The Top!

I trust that CP will think long and hard before picking too weak a side.I'm in favour of resting key players, though not to the extent that we risk an embarrassing defeat in front of the TV audiences.
You can bet your life that Halifax are up for it, and that there will be small, if any, reference in the commentary to our weakened side if Halifax take the game by the scruff of the neck. An embarrassing defeat would certainly set the cause back, plus any prospect of progressing further to a mouth watering 3rd round tie that could be good for morale and the bank balance.
That having been said, the game provides the opportunity to test Alonso: is he eventually going to be a serious contender for a place; if not then why did we sign him?
I would also give Evine a chance, but perhaps not at left back, he appears to have more attacking than defending skills.
I am not too sure that a pairing of Benson and Hayes will bother a side even at this level.
If we are taking along Jan C for part of a game I would favour starting with our strongest line up available on the day and making substitutions when, hopefully, we have built up a lead and some breathing space.
I can never understand adopting the opposite strategy and having to stage a desperate last 20 minutes to comeback from a potential defeat having given the other side the momentum due to a weakened selection. Jan C put the fear up most defences with his strength and Ariel power; let's have it for the first 60 minutes and give a substitute forward at least a half hour in the second half run-in.  At that point, we could also give Bover some rein to test him out in the most suitable position.

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