Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Tarnished by Freak Goal and Predictable Error

This was a better performance than at Bournemouth game when we came away with 3 largely undeserved points.
The writing was on the wall within the first 7 minutes when a cracking long range shot was fired in by Colchester. The power of the shot and the movement on the ball were freakish to an extent and although it was reported as "giving Hamer no chance" you still felt he might have got a bit nearer it.
A fair number of chance were made which were not taken, BWP again pushed 3 half chances wide and Jackson finished off the best move of the game with a powerful shot that was rising all the way just over the bar. 
Maybe I am old fashioned but since FIFA landed the game with a ball that more resembles a beach ball than a football in order to "make the game more exciting" we have been 'treated' to excessive bending of shots and balls blasting wide and over the bar that previously would have gone straight into the net. The supposed skills of the modern player to bend shots and free kicks are certainly present but bare no comparison to the likes of Puskas and the Brazilian stars of the past.
The game was killed off when Hamer unnecessarily hesitated clearing the ball, trying to do too much on the ball; and it rebounded off an attackedr into the goal. 
It would be too generous to say that this was a once-off as it nearly happened earler on and I can recall at least 3 other occasions earlier in the season when he cut it far too fine in similar circumstances. One can only hope he learns from this debacle and/or a real drubbiing from the coaching staff. 
Back to the game: even though the performance was an improvement on B'mouth, there are still chinks in the armoury that need to be addressed. 
BWP is still off colour and in shoulder shrugging mood; if he is not scoring, his overall contribution is questionable: he is still not getting as close to Kormorant as he needs  to.
Green is still turning in a string of mediocre performances and is in a rut. A few good crosses and the odd spectacular effort is not good enough alone to justify his place. Giving Haynes the odd ten minutes does little for him or the side: he deserves to be given a better chance to see what he can do. 
Wagstaff could also challenge especially as he provides better support from Solly; if he could cross the ball regularly than  he would really be challenging.
However, we are still lacking creativity in midfield. Hollands does a great job but that is not his primary role. Stephens is no doubt a talented player but cannot tackle, gets caught with the ball far too often and goes sideways rather then forward with the least provocation, though sometimes due to lack of running off the ball by the strikers.
It was sad to watch a small group of young fans chanting the usual rubbish after the game on the way up Floyd Road and adding "Charlton's support is a load of s**t" to their impressive repertoire. We can do without their "support".

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