Friday, 25 June 2010

A Good Deal for Bailey!

The reported £1.4M sale of Nicky Bailey looks like a good deal to me. The size of the fee in the current climate surpasses what most anticipated. There is a suggestion that this could be "an initial" fee with top up amounts possibly forthcoming, maybe based on appearances or 'boro's performance next season.
Pity we are not able to bag the whole fee though, given Southend's recent equally perilous situation, maybe their share of the fee should not be begrudged (especially as we prob. got him on the cheap from there in the first place).
I have mixed feelings about Bailey, who bore a striking resemblance to our old Millwall import Dave Mehmet.
He was without doubt a combative little player, in the same mode as Strachan but less skill. Though he scored some impressive important goals last season, he also lost us several with either sloppy passing or writhing on the floor complaining about being fouled when he should have been on his feet defending.
I think his reputation for this put referees increasingly on their guard for his tantrums before games even started to his and our disadvantage. This can result in such players not being awarded obvious, genuine fouls and being given no benefit of the doubt.
However, I wish him well and with the right attitude he could do really well at 'boro and may well go on to prove his worth in the Premiership.
I just hope that the fees we received for Shelvy and now Bailey gives us some breathing space.

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