Sunday, 13 June 2010

Not Just a dodgy Keeper or the Beach Ball

If England have to rely on Carragher then his total embarrassing lack of speed will finish us.
Picking King was a mistake, how can you pick a guy whose legs swell up after every game.
It was suggested that this time it was a groin strain; while others suggest it might yet be the same old leg swelling. Surely the chances of getting a groin strain or some other trivial yet short-term incapacitating injury must be heightened if the guy cannot participate in run of the mill training for days on end.
Picking both King and Carragher look almost as big an error as not picking Adams and Parker.
At least we showed some attacking flair against the Yanks but what a poor miss by Heskey (irrespective of his otherwise fair performance).
I get annoyed with the pundits praising the contributions of Lennon and Wright Philips: yes they showed a turn of speed but (just like Charlton's wingers) seem incapable of putting in a good cross. As a pundit said, how can you select two wingers who have not played that many first team games and cannot cross with their left foot when they are expected to take over on the left wing (echoes of Jerome Thomas!¬).

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