Thursday, 22 July 2010

5- 19

CAFCPICKS "Squad Status" tab provides a timely reminder of the scale of the close season's shake-up (so far!) : 5 players into the club: 19 out.
"Reduced expections" is likely to be the phrase of the moment and given those statistics that should be no surprise. If Parks manages to make a run at the play-offs then it would stand him in great credit, and be a nigh miracle: but all us season ticket holders will be clinging on to such hope as the season unfolds.
Let's hope the final statistics ramp up to about 9-19 and that a quality experienced striker and a young sidekick with potential is included in the figures.
Meanwhile the dedicated CAFCPICKS UK and overseas 'predictors' have a deadline of August 1st for their final season's predictions and will be hoping that something is firmed up quickly to help finalise some realistic submissions.

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