Monday, 19 July 2010

Catching Up & Hoping

Have just returned from Slovenia. Fortunately did not have to take any ribbing about the World Cup which we came close to ballsing up against Slovenia. For a country with just over 2 million population one cannot help admire their feat in the tournament and ponder upon the pausity of our own prima donnas once again.
Still catching up on our slow progress on signings.
Obviously, the key signings that will make or break us will be whoever we manage to bolster our strike force with. Sodje provides an option but he is obviously not the answer. The signing of Reid is a welcome addition.
I have hopes for Tuna and Wagstaff but the latter has much to prove, and I remain of the opinion that Tuna looks useful but is for the medium term.
The squad brekdown on CAFCPICKS provides a good quick visual appreciation of where we stand. I am unable to cast a view on Johnnie Jackson but must assume that he will be a useful addition in view of Park's reported long term interest. (Any opionons /views on this player would make good reading). Jackson seems to be a good squad signing and is particularly relevant given the liklihood of Basey departing.
I have expressed serious concern on CAFCPICKS that we may have seen the last of Kelly Youga due to his serious injury. Hopefully, the latest news about his return will prove me wrong as he was a key player at the beginning of last season and was missed badly. Indeed, his return could be the best news of all, bar a proven goalscorer.
The back four is shaping up, though I am not aware how solid Doherty is these days; a lot of water has passed under the bridge since his Spurs days but he is only 30 and has been pretty solid over the years.
Losing Richardson was a serious blow and, though I feel sorry for him, his inury provides a nice present for SAP (hopefully it is not serious).
Christian Dailly's signing is great news (and why shouldn't he be captain).
Once again, I really hope that we do not put Mambo out on any kind of loan that would prevent his early recall; he is a great prospect and not far off first team potential.
So, that leaves a need to get 'keeper cover and that elusive striker!! Here's hoping.

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