Sunday, 10 July 2011

A New Dawn: and some learning of names to do

I couldn't make the Welling game, but thanks to he/she who submitted a really useful video Youtube summary of the game.

I have been quietly absorbing, and trying to keep up, with the close seasons merry go round.
I decided to keep my postings back until I had anything substantive to add to the host of useful summer posts for the other Blogs. However, this posting breaks that rule, as I have yet to see the new influx and am not able to add any thought, let alone recognise most of them. However, you can be sure I'll add my thoughts to the simmering pot in weeks to come (post Aldershot).
Leaving aside all speculation about the 'Funder' and his/ her/ or their motivations, the end product has been impressive in terms of transfer expenditure (not forgetting the £1M so far from Jenkinson) and number and range of signings. I have suggested several times in the build up to the close season that we may have a rerun of Lennie Lawrences' successful close season, promotion inducing transfer activity some years ago. However, this season's haul has far surpassed that and the challenge now is to weld the best pick of the signings into a cohesive winning side ASAP.
It was quite a challenge to Lennie, but Chris Powell has a mountain to climb.
Judging by the various reports and the brief glimpse on YOUTUBE it doesn't look to be out of the question. Indeed, many other clubs are reported to be looking with great envy at our current situation.
It's still going to be far from easy to get out of this division but at least we have some new found momentum behind us and enough interest to generate some good early gates, the challenge being to then keep them.
A considerable challenge will be for the 'floating' fans to keep their expectations on a realistic level and keep with the side whenever a hiccup occurs (as it inevitably will!).

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Bob Miller said...

Mike, the odd hiccup is okay, it's the burps and belches of last season we need to avoid!