Sunday, 24 July 2011

Well, these away friendly games are becoming a nice sojourn.
No generous bacon rolls at Woking, but a pleasant walk through the park, a civilised bar, no queuing and a decent pint, fair priced  'London Pride' to boot.
These games are also provide an interesting glimpse of some of the new acquired players and the up and coming youngsters.
I’ll spare you from the detailed Aldershot analysis and focus on some of the lasting highlights /impressions:

Francis: Had a good solid game, few errors, good in the air and actually got in the majority of any decent crosses that were going around. A renaissance?- Prob. Not if you read the various rumours about his imminent departure. However, with seemingly just Solly ensconced in the right back slot, a return to form would provide a good backup option (or on this form, genuine competition);
Mambo: Not startling, but good, solid performance against a useful forward with no panics. Coming on well, the club should continue to nurture his talent with good coaching and management;
Stephens: Busy midfielder, sprayed the ball around well, reminded me very much in his general gait and style of a playing Curbs. Not sure whether he will be the initial first choice (with Jackson and Hollands competing) but he will be knocking on the door;
Davisson: Do not know much about this lad, but in the first half he was busy, prepared to take on players and used the ball well with some excellent passing. I'm glad I had the opportunity to see him.
Once again, reminded me of one of our early stalwarts who I saw in my early days for a couple of seasons; Fred Lucas. I was pretty ecstatic about our young Spanish player Ruben Bover Isquierdo at Woking; I reckon this kid could also be an excellent find for now or the future;
Honore: Another youngster: do not know much about him either, but he looked sharp, keen, prepared to take on players and get stuck in. Like the look of him, but he was on for a very short time: deserves a longer spell to see if he shines;
Euell: Too little time to make his mark. I was not his greatest fan in his previous spell, however he may have the guile, pro skills and the need (given his reported probnlems off the field|) to make him a major contributor, If he hit form, he could vie for a first team selection rather than just a last sub’ option;
For me, a a disappointment was Hayes who seemed very much in the vein of a Benson look-alike, but slower. He played a little bit like he did not feel comfortable playing for what appeared to be a ‘second 11’.

Cannot make Tuesday night so will be interested in any comments on my own remarks on this and Aldershot, and keen to hear appraisals of Tuesday night.

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