Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Another Blank: and not just on the pitch

I could not make the game, committed to a rousing carol singing event in Central London. I certainly made the right decision.
Given the fixture implication of getting through along with the dire weather warnings I guess on balance it is best we have kept up our Cup record.
From what I have read, I was very encouraged about Jenkinson at right back, (about the only encouragement other then the return of Dailly. is it just possible that he might be selected over Francis for the next game?. Francis has had about 2 reasonable games since joining us and is in the middle of a bad run at present; he needs a rest to recharge, and compose himself.
I was dismayed to hear on several BLOGS of the behaviour of a small element of the crowd, but like some others not surprised. I have seen it gradually coming, not just this season but over several seasons.
The small element who partake in some of the chanting and nutty behaviour just spoil a good day out for the majority. I’m no prude and general ‘football’ language does not offend, but some of this stuff is so pathetic and unfunny it just makes you sad that the reputation of our supporters is on the slide.
Some years back, (at Villa to be precise) the majority of our fans were berated by a small line of our own ‘fans’ behind them; they has specifically got behind them, for not singing.
It was a wet, cold day and our side did little to justify a cheer (which they got ) let alone a song. On that occasion I emailed a club “official”, who was there amongst us, (still in post), and did not even get a reply.
There are some of us who like to cheer and shout but not partake in aimless singing which rarely demonstrates any genuine excitement. Indeed you can see that many of those who “sing” are not even watching the game. On one tense occasion they were chanting to the opposing fans whilst ignoring an opposing corner right in front of them.
It comes to somehting when you have to carefully select where you posotion yourself at away games, just to stay clear of some of the rabble.

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Hungry Ted said...

Interesting views on the more vocal Addicks. I sit staring down the half-way line in The East Stand where the support is, shall we say, a little more reserved, so it can often be a bit of a culture-shock for me when I go away from home and find myself amongst the more partisan element. It's just not in my nature to scream and shout, home or away.

Your quote "indeed you can see that many of those who “sing” are not even watching the game" reminded me of an occasion a few years back when myself and a few mates had a boozy weekend in Munich. On the Saturday afternoon Bayern Munich was playing their bitter rivals Munich 1860 in a 'friendly' (it was played during the mid-season winter break) and just to be different, we decided to support the minnows and stand amongst the Munich 1860 fans (not the wisest thing I've ever done, but we'd had a few wiessbeers by then!!). Considering this was a meaningless game played a walking pace the passion from both sets of fans (a near sell-out) was unbelievable. But one chap in particular caught my eye as he was effectively the conductor to the large section of vocal Munich 1860 fans. For the entire game (and I do not exaggerate) he perched himself on a scaffold arrangement at the front of the stand (I have no idea why it was even there) half a meter above the heads of his fellow supporters...but with his back to the game...screaming and shouting non-stop! He turned occasionally, but would have certainly missed 90% of the action and both the goals in a 1-1 draw. And yet, the irony was that he was responsible for the great atmosphere enjoyed by others.