Friday, 24 December 2010

That' it for Xmas Eve (?): To be Resumed

Like others I have been keeping a periodic eye on the news towards the end of the day. Unless something unforeseen happens, then it looks like those concerned will take a Xmas break to chew it all over, and then focus on the final outstanding points.
I shall be continuing with the Czech Budweiser Budvar for the immediate future and hope to catch up with news at the Southampton game.
I cannot add to the speculation, but I have voiced to others on many occasions that I would prefer if Wise was not a part of it or if he is, that Varney and co have a strong lead!
Promotion is the key target which can potentially sort out some of the short term revenue problems.
On the wider front, it's interesting to note just how well both Leeds and Norwich are doing in the quest for a double whammy of promotion (i.e. to emulate CAFC's feat of the 1930's). Our target should be one of continuous improvement as the various motivational management games postulate; i.e. promotion this year, and a challenge next year in the same vein. This year continues to be tough, especially if form is not regained quickly over the Xmas period.
I have never been a Leeds fan. I can recall feeling distinctly unsafe whilst attending some games, especially those vital play-offs some years ago.  Even way after that game, the Leeds fans were in threatening mood returning to London down the M.1. The volume of traffic around 11PM-midnight was amazing and  periodically stationery. It seemed that every other car was a maddened Leeds supporter.
In these days of expensive seats and prawn cocktails (a La MUFC), their support seems a little less threatening, though no one should underestimate their passion.
They have done really well and are to be congratulated;. They have a feet on the ground manager and a good squad.. Lloyd Sam has made not that great a contribution and I suspect if they go up will be surplus to requirements.  Would we want him back? Not me,  he flatters to deceive like Martin and given time I think Martin may be the greater of the two, if we can hang on to him.
Happy Christmas Folks

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