Monday, 3 January 2011

Baptism of Fire

The new owners no doubt felt a little uncomfortable about their new baby at Colchester, despite the late rally. However, the display against Swindon must have negated any New Year festivities and demonstrated the task that they have taken on.
We know CAFC can play better than tonight's dismal performance but of late they have only really done it against Peterborough. Even when we have got the required results of late we have been rated second best by neutrals.
Tonight was so poor that it must be virtually impossible for them to have envisaged a game plan that involved acquiring some players for key positions (subject to the budget), as in general they were all bad. In my mind, Jackson was the exception as he looked the only one capable of  going at the opposition but because he was shunted back to left back it was well nigh impossible for him to demonstrate that.
Given our form and lack of competitiveness over the last couple of months then it really is a miracle that we sit where we do in the league. Without an improvement in the squad with 2-3 key players it's difficult to see how any manager could have done better.
However, even with a reasonable budget available what kind of players are we going to be able to attract?
My guess is that most decent Championship players (and Hoolahan would be one of my favourites) would not want to drop a division and especially to us, let alone the fact that we may not be able to pay their wages.
Therefore, we are back to getting old pros at the end of their careers (no thanks) or chancing a few youngsters from the Championship, our division or lower who have yet to make it. Obviously, that would be  a very chancy affair.
Is it possible that our new 'mate' Jimenez could find a couple of bargains on the continent within the EEC with no work permit problems? (for all his detractors, a bargain like Kishishev). Unless we have lashings of money to throw around maybe that is the only way (assuming such players are available during the January period. Can;t really imagine Bailey coming back on loan (and many may not fancy him anyway) or even Shelvey unless Liverpool paid 75 % of his wages (a tall order?!).
Who would anybody else like to see (and think we would have a chance of signing?).

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