Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Thanks for the Lifeline: The Jury Awaits the Outcome

We are initially grateful for the new investment team to take the reigns and enable the club to be commercially viably in the short term.
If Wise is appointed, the assurance by Slater that he was not part of the deal would be a bit like an insurance policy that has got a lot of small print that had to be studied. (I.E. We saoid he was not part of the buy-out deal, but we never said he was not the favoured new manager).
I'm not sure to what extent the new ownership want to carry the committed support with them. If they do then decisions on team management are going to be important.
Equally, can they assure the support that there will be there long term commitment to the club and the Valley; are they prepared to push their property development credentials to the background.
If they do not have the ability to resist longer term development temptations then we may be entering a dangerous period for the club.

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Anonymous said...

The new owners already have my full support. The speed in which they dealt with the lame duck that was Phil Parkinson speaks volumes of their commitment to Charlton.