Sunday, 23 January 2011

An Eye Opener for Chris

Great welcome; great win for Chris and a great 3 points.

Problem was it was almost a lucky 3 points. The number of shots on goal were as sparse as usual (and certainly in the first half Argyle looked more threatening) and the dearth of midfield creativity was there for all (and especially Chris) to see. Racon had his moments but there was little else of anything effective in a creative context. Acquisition of a combative created midfielder is essential: I'm none too sure that Jason Ewell would meet that need.
Francis' crossing was dreadful (and yet we still give him most of the free kicks) and Reid was just as hopeless when he came on.
Who does the training (and is there any done on crossing?: Christ these are highly paid professional footballers.
Otherwise at the back, Matt Fry will be missed for both his effort and all round defensive play and breaks forward. and Dailly had an imposing game. Doherty was all effort and had a reasonable game but is still not quite the ideal partner. Last season I would have said Fortune was the natural choice but he seems to have lost that half a yard in pace and I'm not certain it is not too late to get it back. I would till like to see Mambo given the chance.
Wagstaffe did little of significance for the first 60 minutes but in the latter third of the game knicked a goal and then made some good runs and neat passing; is it a confidence thing with him?
Upfront, I thought that Anyinsah showed great effort and skill, most of all he can hold his own physically and is not that easy to knock off the ball. The new boy Eccelstone looked lively and was really the only one who seemed willing to take the opposition on and try to beat them; dreadful but true. And the first time he did it it resulted in a fine goal, albeit aided a little by a deflection.I would like to see him start the game alongside Anyinsah and keep Benson on the bench to bring on later, rather then the other way around.
Given the performance in the first half the team were cheered on more for Chris Powell rather then for their own capabilities. However, there was a moderate improvement in the second half and most of all they kept at it, and Chris Powell prob. deserves some brownie points for that. We remain in contact (though games in hand are far from bankers).
Keep it up Chris

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