Monday, 10 January 2011

Signs Point To Howe

Unless there is a major diversionary process under way by the owners, then it looks like Bournemouth's Howe may be our man.
It appears that he has (sensibly) turned down Palace, unless it was just because we were offering more money?
The Bournemouth Chairman s reported to be meeting him tonight and I note that it was reported he was at Spurs yesterday. If Slater and co' met up with Redknapp after the game it's likely that he would have given him a good reference from his days at both Bournemouth and Spurs.
Howe seems to me to be a fair bet to do as good a job as anyone.
He knows this level of football and what it requires, he is young and ambitious with a good reputation, and his record over the last couple of years is impeccable, albeit at one club. At the moment, he is one of the top young coaches available.
My feeling is that we are unlikely to be able to attract top wrung League One players and the same may apply to good value for money Euro imports, though I saw this as a potential opportunity in a previous post and maybe that is not out of the question..
I reckon that he would have as good a knowledge as anyone at trying to pick the cream of available players from our division that we could afford, and if there really are any players willing to drop down from Division One (the danger being they might be over the top and too costly) then there must be adequate knowledge of these somewhere within the club, including the supposed knowledge of Jimenez.
It'll be interesting if it transpires and I feel sure he will get the support of the fans if appointed.


Anonymous said...


Great post as usual. I was impressed by Howe the first time I saw him play against us several years ago. He had something about him that appealed, I just did not know why at the time.

Sky are tonight reporting he is one of up to 6 under consideration.

Re players I feel that we will be going back into the loan market. I keep seeing Selvey on all the Liverpool pieces, and it seems Bailey is also not getting a game. We just need Sam Sodje and Richardson, and it all fits into place. Crowborough Addick

Mike BARRY said...

Thanks for your 'wise' (if you dpon't mind me using that word) input.
I had not seen the SKY ref' on '6' that sounds discouraging.
Equally, we now read reports that Palace have matched our offer: are we prepared to enter into a bidding war for Howe?
I just hope that it does not end in an about turn to Wise.
Shelvey had occurred to me (but could we afford to pay his wages unless there was an act of charity from Dalgleish?).
A number of fellow season ticket holders favoured a Bailey loan, but I have never been so keen.
Richardson: yes, now you are talking, but that could also be a bridge too far.
As for Sodje, I know what you mean but can we really risk it with his record on recent injuiries.