Monday, 10 January 2011

Deservedly Proud Day For Peacock

I recall seeing Keith Peacock make his debut at the Valley and become a first team regular when he just 17 years. He also came to coach at our school with David Stocks which was a rare event for us.
He has been an excellent and loyal servant for the club though in fairness he never quite fulfilled the great promise he had  as a player he had back then; it seemed at the time he would mature into a world beater.
However, no one has ever doubted where his heart was and it must have been a very proud day for him yesterday and it was great to see the reception he was given.
It was also interesting to see how he spent time with the players and appeared to be consoling McCormack   after the game and Fry at half time when both seemed concerned about his injury following the collision with Elliot.
In summary, the side put in a good first half performance and showed a marked improvement in their passing. Racon had a good game but (like Reid) still manages to lose the ball at critical moments that could cost us the game). Once again we were not sharp enough in front of goal and shot shy; had they not been the case we may have taken in a half time lead.
The game was lost in 15-20 minutes in the second half when we gave away some sloppy goals ( Elliot should have got nearer the first goal, and the defence fell aprt for the other two). In fairness Spurs could probably have slotted in another 3 without much effort, but at the same time, Fry had a 30 yard shot brilliantly saved by their keeper, Sodje forced a great save when perhaps he should have done better, and Doherty came close at the end with a good header.
Modric's substitution changed the game as he ruled everything. However, as usual the defence fell back to our penalty area and afforded him so much time and space that a player with his talent could not fail to impress. I think by that time we were just pretty knackered; had he been present in the first half he may have had a more uncomfortable time with Samedo snapping at his heels.
It never ceases to amaze me the fickleness of the fans at these big clubs.I often go through Finsbury Park en route home after a Valley game and if Arsenal have not won convincingly you hear no end of groans and moans on the platform from their 'fans'.
At Spurs, the crowd was totally silent for most of the game, especially when we were holding our own. As we all know, we have experienced the same at Old Trafford.
Our fans did us proud (apart from some of the pathetic chanting from some of our younger brigade).
As "Hungry Ted" has said our incessant booing of  Defoe probably just stoked up his enthusiasm to stick a couple past us, as he always does.
So, after Keith's moment of pride we now await a new manager. I hope it is not the decsison that a vast majority of the CAFC faithful do not want and which, if it happens, will mean that the new ownership will have a lot of repair work to do, and a severe damage limitation exercise it it doesn't work out.

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