Saturday, 29 January 2011

"Rudolf" Probably On His Way

It's reported that our very own Rudolf Nureyev (Akpo Sodje), so christened after his magnificent pirouette to secure a penalty in his star substitution a while ago, may be on his way. This is due to the sudden influx of new forwards, who all look promising.
Obviously, from a financial standpoint there is then a need to adjust the current squad numbers.
Pavel Abbot looked promising when he first appeared (physically bigger and stronger than others and seemingly keen). However, this proved a false dawn and he has not been a success and it would be better for him and CAFC if he moved on.
In respect of Sodje, his first appearance in the monsoon, soaked conditions experienced by the team (and us!!) at Yeovil was a total contrast: he came on late as a sub; and a glorious goal to boot.
I felt that he should have been given a better opportunity to prove himself (though in fairness the chance to do this has been hampered by his injuries).
Until Benson has had a fair run and proven his own pedigree (and the same goes for our new recruits) Sodje may have challenged. It appears he will now not get that opportunity and I fear that wherever he goes he will join the long list of former players who stick one in against us; probably in a vital promotion fixture.

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