Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Gratefully Received 3 Points: Despite Riding our Luck

Another game where we certainly rode our luck. The goal appeared to be a good one but the ref lost his concentration and blew up before he put it away with the now well publicised change of decision influenced by the fourth official (bless his cotton socks).
Francis had a much better game, especially his runs down the wing and crossing, which just about compensated for his otherwise wayward distribution.
Anyinsah had another good game and seems to be a better bet than Benson right now.
Wright Phillips was certainly 100% enthusistic but did not do much of note until, he put an excellent goal away (but that's what he;s there for).
Wagstaffe was virtually anonymous apart from making the goal which seems to be what he is there for, but I am still not convinced it fully makes up for his general lack of involvement. .
The midfield contribution was pretty poor from a creative standpoint (so what's new).
McCormack seems to be playing oput of position and Racon would have been a far better bet in my opinion. I am beginning to think that he may be in danger of being out of favour, but it seems early days in Chris Pwell's reign for that to be the case?
Contrary to various derogatory rumours following his loan move, Bassone had a more than satisfactory, cultured game, especially going forward, though he was not put under pressure defensively. Worryingly, he went of early after an injury; one hopes this is not a recurrence of problems he had at Leeds. I thought he looked a bit like a more sophisticated Phil Warman going forward (what a complement!).
It would be good to see Ecclestone given more than a 10 minute run at the opposition, but not because he is putting the pressure on with petulant tantrums (as has been reported), and which may present Chris Powell with a short term issue to resolve.

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