Friday, 25 February 2011

Worthwhile Ashford Excursion

One of our immediate circle of staunch life long CAFC fans pulled out the stops to go and see our youth side at Ashford last week. I was pleased to learn that, like me, he was especially impressed by young Mambo.
Pete was also impressed by how likeable and sincere Chris Powell came across, like all who meet him, and his attendance at this game to add his support and survey the emerging talent.
His young grandson, Alex, has been to the Valley on a number of occasions and has yet to see them lose (I wish I could say the same). Chris was suitably in awe of this and hoped to see him there as many times as possible in the future! (If we get to the play-off final and tickets are in short supply we trust that Chris will get one to Alex post haste!!!)


Ken Jennings said...

I wonder if Pete gave Chris Powell the benefit of a few tips while he was at it ;-)

Mike BARRY said...

I'm sure our man could not resist the opportunity; how much it contributed to the performance against Carlisle I'm not sure!