Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Had to Happen: (and Midfield Still Needs Sorting)

The honeymoon could not go on for ever. Unfortunately, we fell over on a trip to the cold north where we traditionally do not fair well. I had this down as a defeat on CAFCPICKS at the beginning of the season, and I would not have changed that, even if I could have. Unfortunately, until we get a side who can confidently travel to the coldest northern venues and get 3 points, we will find life difficult. Fortunately, only Oldham (very difficult), Rochdale (and perhaps Walsall) remain in that category.
We have not improved that much, especially in the midfield. We have been riding our luck without a significant increase in creativity and the other results did not even punish us to nay extent the other night, though it is bad news to lose our game in hand advantage over Southampton which will make those games even greater cliffhangers.
In Ecclestone (especially playing wide), Wright Phillips and Aynyinsah (and who knows, even Abbot and Benson) we have a potent force if we can provide a decent supply.
It is mystifying me at the moment how Chris Powell continues to play McCormack instead of Racon. Racon has not been consistent this year, but can provide a degree of creativity.I would like to know if he is suffering from a knock as he did not even make the bench against Hartlepool. If he is fully fit then I will begin to think that the club are in two minds about offering him a good contract (from his point of view) or even suspect that Powell and him are not on the same wavelength. It would be a pity if this kind of thing impacted on selection as one felt it crept into play under Curbs. 
I gather that Benson is injured, hence him being left out but I did wonder initially whether he had been reprimanded for anything in his Evening Standard article.
With the prospect of a sizable gate against Exeter, let's hope we do not lose the opportunity by delivering an anti-climax as we have doe over the years in big games, or games of other significance.


Anonymous said...

The team lacks some quality. The Charlton owners need to back Chris Powell with improvements in midfield, central defence and a quality, fit and permanent left back. The team has been downgrading and it is time to reverse that and get some permanent quality through the spine of the team.

There has been a lack of quality in the central midfield area ever since Andy Reid left. This shows as we have had a number of good strikers who haven't scored due to poor service.

We are 3 maybe 4 players off a really decent team. The central midfield berth has got to be improved.

I read the Paul Benson article in the Standard, I didn't see anything controversial in it, if anything, he said all the things you would want him to. Train hard, keep your head straight and wait for your chance. He sounded a pretty decent and likeable character.


ChicagoAddick said...

Mike, Racon was pulled out of the squad late as he was injured.

Mike BARRY said...

I go along with most of what anonymous says: maybe I think we are nearer being a good side and could probably get there with a good creative midfielder (which most of us have been saying for months) though Racon may yet deliver, and a faster centre half alongside Dailly. However, I have to keep accepting that Doherty has done well given some of his physical limitations. I still wonder whether Mambo could be brought on.
If we had the luxury of a third new player, until recently, I felt we were in dire need of a good right back but Francis' performances have improved (though if we still had Richardson we would be flying).
The left back spot now seems critical. Fry is more then willing and a 100 per cent man. but just lacking speed against any fast winger. Promising though his debut was, Bassone may just be another crocked player we have bought. Can Solly bridge the gap?
If we really could integrate a fourth new player than it might have been a winger we could rely on (unlike Reid who is fits ands starts, and Wagstaff who is no winger). However, maybe Ecclestone has solved the problem.
On reflection, I may have been reading too much between the lines in Benson's article.
I did not pick up Racon's injury info before I posted; though I still have a feeling his face may not fit.