Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Sunny Day: Time for a Real Meander!

England this time of the year can be a bit like I imagine Scandinavia is; a lot of grey cloud and no sign of sunlight. This can get depressing and result in a pessimistic outlook on all subjects mind, including trying to adopt a cheerful outlook for the rest of the season..
However, today was a crisp, clear and sunny day from start to end. It prompted me to get off my backside, get away from the PC and go for an hours walk across the fields near home.  
This was especially beneficial as yesterday encompassed some unsuccessful Internet purchasing for my wife when her debit card failed at the bank verification stage several times. After continued lack of success, you begin to think of tearing your hair out, feeling that somehow you may just have cocked it up.
Well, early today the bank discovered that they had my wife’s DOB wrong on her master customer record which therefore failed to match the transaction details.
So, all along it was their fault; and it had cost me several £’s sterling on their 0845 help numbers to determine it.. Still, another solved client problem will help their customer services reach this year’s target and maybe lay the foundations for its Director to earn his 6 figure end of year bonus!Anyhow, I was in the right frame to take a relaxing walk across some good typical countryside.

En route I saw a couple of horses flat out; having a really peaceful time.

I got to thinking that it would be great if last weekend’s well fought win at Yeovil and the splendid 4-4 draw between Peterborough and Southampton meant that our own side has been able to relax temporarily to fully absorb the results, and then get ready to fully recharge on the training ground to tear apart (again) Peterborough this Saturday.I think we can do that, but it’s going to be a long slog and we are going to need all the luck/run of the ball to continue to clock up the results thereafter.
A win against Peterborough would set us up for a series of winnable games (apart from a tough one at Hartlepool) leading up to an important game at MK Dons where we are likely to need a point (I am still awaiting an MK Dons total collapse that does not seem to come).

A fully recharged side must conjure up at a gallop a decent run for the crunch Southampton game.

However, unless we improve the creative quality in midfield (by an ‘emergency loan’ our back four are going to be hard pressed to survive the blitzkrieg they will encounter from Southampton, (prob. the best side in the division).
Southampton also have some ‘iffy’ games of their own  before they meet us (Hartlepool, Colchester and Bournemouth away): 
It would be good if they slipped up and began to stutter a little before we meet them.
After the home game against Southampton, we still have to face them away and also challenging away games at Bournemouth and Oldham, not to mention what could be a cliff hanger against Huddersfield at home.
If we are to stand a chance we must stack up the points as our goal difference is pathetic right now.
The composition of the top 6-8 sides is beginning to look sensible. I thought Oldham looked a good strong side at the Valley and they are coming good, and could well be a dark horse.   
Hopefully, we can knock the stuffing out of Peterborough, which leaves Brighton, who already seems to be almost there, Huddersfield and Southampton. 
Fire them up Chris!


Ken J said...

Loved the photos, Mike.
Funnily enough, I went out for an hours walk as we had the same type of weather today on the west coast of Canada. Cold but clear. Beautiful.
I note you neglected to mention that your walk across those lovely fields is how you get to the pub ;-)

Mike BARRY said...

Good to see we are still taking our 'fitness' seriously, even if we cannot match the pace of yesteryear(s)to dominate the pitch as we regularly did.
This particular walk does, co-incidently, take in 2 pubs (if you are so inclined) and a herd of alpaccas & llamas that are prob. more suitable to the Americas if not perhaps as far north as BC.

ChicagoAddick said...

Bit different from Torridon Rd, eh?

Mike BARRY said...

Yes, but not comparable to Bermuda or the Great Lakes shore! (but not quite as windy ; trust you are back to normal).
Envious of your New England jaunt; we were in Vermont/NH a few years back, and Nova Scotia more recently.
Briefly bumped into NYA at the Valley last night.