Wednesday, 16 February 2011

More Issues for "The Cup in the Oven"

In a previous post I postulated on the various implications of selecting Qatar for the World Cup.
A new potential issue has now emerged following the recent turbulence in the Middle East. Formula 1 Racing (already enmeshed in various unproven bribery scandals) is now getting edgy about staging the next Grand Prix there. This is coming down from the top, I.E. Ecclestone (not Nathan but Berni in this instance).
He is fearful of his Grand Prix providing the ideal worldwide PR platform for protesters.
Well, in case FIFA should not be listening, the World Cup would provide a far greater platform for such events.
It may l be that such problems as emerging in Qatar are way behind us before the tournament, but who knows? The population of Qatar seem tobe pretty football crazy and that might save the day even if politically there remained a problem. Of course, this is all in addition to issues relating to a revised timing of the tournament, the question of climatic conditions within the stadium and in training areas, crowd control and accommodation and even drink!
Perhaps, FIFA ought to have a good risks management 'Plan B'; just in case! 

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Anonymous said...

If the air conditioning can keep the stadiums at the right temp', will there be enough power left to keep the beer cool?