Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Backwards We Go

Last night's game warrants little constructive or positive posting.
It was pretty rank. Only Dailly, Doherty (before he went off) and Jenkinson deserve any merit.
CJ look a real prospect; perhaps in him (Mambo and Solly) the future looks more rosy, but not for a while.
This game really plunged the depths, made worse by the poor turn out (about which the official crowd figures seemed over optimistic).
Not worth analysing individual performances other than to say that Ecclestone and Wright Phillips looked extremelyy lightweight and too easily pushed off the ball. Anyinsah may have made a difference; who knows whether Benson would have as he only had about 10 -15 minutes to make any impression.
Elliot gifted one of the goals and is lacking confidence but there is no solid alternative at present and immediate dropping to the bench could effect his confidence still further.
As CP said at the recent Valley evening, there will definitely be lows (or words to that effect) and it's come sooner that he expected though in truth the side have been less than impressive even when the results were going our way.
The play-offs look in doubt,  and the current powder puff side would not be best suited to them anyway given the quality of the other sides up there.
Unless CP has some  masterstrokes up his sleeve, a continued poor run could see us dicing with relegation.

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