Sunday, 13 March 2011

Poor Performance: But when your'e down

After a bright start, once again the side gradually descended into another poor performance. Having said that, as is always the case when you are up against it the run of the ball just does not go for you: with a crossbar and and goal line clearance stifling our progress. 

Once again the biggest shortcoming remains in midfield. If we has bolstered it some time ago with a good quality creative midfielder then Samedo and Racon could have performed a role, though there is little mileage in Wagstaffe and certainly not McCormack, who after yesterday's game I have added "cannot tackle" to his dubious credentials.

Committing to the purchase of BLP without sorting out a good midfield player was misguided. A "poacher" will not score goals unless you have a creative midfield and wingers who can beat a man and put in a decent cross, neither of which we have. Therefore, BLP is unlikely to make a worthwhile contribution, as has been the case. Unless we can provide him with the opportunity to score from close range then he may become a luxury passenger we cannot afford to play: as all our players must make a positive contribution.

Nouble may make a decent contribution once fit (dare one say in the Leaburn mould), though a return to fitness for Anyinsah (and Jackson) is more important right now.

I am have been a long term fan of Solly but am unsure as to whether he will be exposed in defending due to his lack of height. However, with Jenkinson we have the option of perhaps trying them both out in the same side as full backs (assuming Jenkinson's injury is not serious), especially if Fry is likely to return to West Ham (?).

Fortune has made a major contribution over the years and is repported to be an excellent guy aroiund the team. However, it's obvious he seems unable to return to his fitness levels and speed of past years so Mambo should be given the chance to continue his education in the remaining first team matches if Dailly's injury means an absence for a few games or if he can be brought on as a late substitute.
Have not done the calculations to determine whether we should be realstically worried about a relegation fight, though I guess that some of the experimentations (e.g. Jenkinson, Solly & Mambo) might have to be delayed until we are certain of our safety.

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