Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Run-In

Like many, but unfortunately not all, existing season ticket holders, I will be buying one for next season before April 4.
Michael Slater assures us in his most recent letter that all the management and directors are aware that the side needs strengthening and that 'significant investment' will be made in due course to achieve that.
A reasonable point is made that the club wished to avoid 'panic buying' in January. Certainly, inflated fees and contractual demands are to the fore at that time. However, many will nevertheless rue that fact that more was not done (assuming sufficient money may have been available, and it's possible that it wasn't) to make a push for promotion.
Michael Slater has said that "It is not a viable business in this division". That again raises the question he was not asked at the recent Valley Q/A love-in when those who attended gave the presenters an easy time : I.E. how long will the current board provide funds to support the club if we do not win promotion to the Championship?
Until I looked at the fixture list the other night I was confident that at least we can safely wrap up a mid table position and focus close season on next year's campaign. I am now far from sure as I cannot see where the next win is coming from (hope they prove me wrong tonight).
We have to see a major improvement with all the club and its players charged with getting a run together to secure the required points. Recent quotations attributed to those at the top (rightly or wrongly) that most players will not be offered contracts next season is hardly likely to evoke the "Dunkirk Spirit" from the squad in the remaining games.
If "It is not a viable business in this division", then what would the Board plan in the event of relegation, God Forbid!
(Incidently, I ommitted Bessone from my last post: the jury must be out on him. He looked promising but I expressed concerns before he came about his fitness and injury record which have not be neagted since he came. Quite apart from his merits on the park, a realistic  assessment of his fitness is rquired before any decisions can be made).

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