Sunday, 6 March 2011

Backwards Motion Continues

It may have been a point after 4 defeats but it was a dire game.
Efforts were made early on to play a passing game, but you have to have the players with the skills to do it. We obviously do not.
If a 'passing game' means playing 3-4 balls across the back four to gain 10 yards, and then 3-4 more to go around in a circle, followed by a pass back to Elliot then we have the credentials.
The players were scared to make a reasonable long pass early on (prob. due to current fixation to play a passing game) and only resorted to it in desperation when all else failed and by that time a decent long pass was not on the agenda.
Liera, who had a good game, made some searching passes, and Jenkinson and Dailly were the only players to successfully take on the opposition on a one to one basis, oh for wingers that we had in the past who could beat their man and put in a decent cross.
McCormack was awful, he did not have the confidence to make more than one pass that went forward during the whole game.
Wright Phillips is far too lightweight and if his goal scoring dries up he will contribute little or nothing.

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KenJ said...

Mike, I think if we manage to get in someone on loan who can get a decent - and frequent supply to S W-P, he will do the business more often than not.
I also think the injuries to Anyinsah and Jackson have really highlighted how poor the 'support' troops are. I am waiting for Jackson ,in particular to get the chance to show what he can do in central midfield, which after all, is supposed to be his strongest suit.