Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Slide Accelerates: Mid Table Fight Looks On

We are now fast becoming at best a mid table team, and even worse unless we strike some form.
Leyton Orient have now moved above us on their limited resources. I suggested previously that getting rid of Matt Spring may have been a mistake (laughed at by some). He was a talented player, passed the ball around well and was not afraid to get stuck in. He did not fit into the task we set him at the Valley, which may say more for our coaching, selection ands style than his potential.

He has since blossomed at the O's, and that includes dominating the midfield when he returned to the Valley with them.
I have been awaiting in vain the collapse of MK Dons that has not happened. They are now probably not reachable by us and with their catchment area and super ground potential they could be one for the future.
The other sides in the top 6 are all striding away and I wouldn't fancy any of them in a play-off heat scenario, let alone a Wembley final.
It looks like it is all back to the drawing board at the end of the season for what will be a real challenge next year as we are likely to start off with a new side unfamiliar with each other and prob. comprising a similar bunch to many of those at present, unless there really is some money behind the current owners.
At least we have the likes of Mambo, Jenkinson, Solly and a few other youngsters coming through and I would not write off Dailly for another season.
I'm not sure if I really want Palace to come down to join  us as even against their current side I would not fancy stealing many points off them.
What Chris Powell makes of it at the moment is anyone's guess. Quite apart from his own capabilities he must have now fallen in on the paucity of the current squad. Eddie Howe prob. did also, (as maybe Billy Davies did before him?)


Ken J said...

"Mid Table Fight?" Thank your lucky stars it is not a Relegation Fight.
Because this team could not fight their way out of a wet paper bag.

Anonymous said...