Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Happy Birthday Phil

I hope Park's has a great birthday and a moment for brief relaxation.
He seems an amiable chap but I have been unable to find a smiling photograph of him, he obviously takes his responsibilities seriously unlike some who have gone before him. I guess with the way the weather is up north he may be able to look forward to a break over the weekend (let's hope for all concerned that if the conditions are that bad that the game is called off early enough to permit that. Nothing worse than a god forsaken trip up the M6 to find it is called off at the last moment).
This BLOG has been consistent in supporting Park's on the premise that he could overcome the hic-cup we had in form prior to the recent run. I suggested that he needed a fair amount of time to get specific good results and / or performances after the team had performed badly after the Brighton game. He did just that and we have marched ahead to get amongst the main contenders.
He has not got everything right but there are not many managers who had to face the rapid shedding of resources close season and the urgent rebuilding with such scarce resources.
The jury remains out on some player acquisitions and only time will tell whether they can dispell current doubts. However, the team he has assembled, warts and all, is getting results and showing an apparent personal commitment to him.
With the forthcoming schedule and complications die to the weather, it's crucial we keep players fit and do not incur unnecessary bookings (unless as is the current vogue, they are 'tactical'!
So, I am hoping we do not pick up silly bookings for dissent along the way.
Have a good one Park's.


Hungry Ted said...

I agree, Mike. I think Parkinson is a good man and I'd love to see him successful at Charlton. He seems so down to earth, without ego (unlike Pardew) and committed to what is a very difficult job.

Mike BARRY said...

Well said Hungry Ted (unintended poetry again!).
It's a pity that there are not more relaists around who think it through with all the implications before calling for peoples' heads.
Hope the curry keeps on coming on a Satrurday night!