Sunday, 28 November 2010

Few positives emerge

A dire brass monkeys afternoon at the Valley with lots of negatives and very few positives.
Let’s take the positives first:
Jackson: one of the few players to perform well, made intelligent runs, scored a good goal an d badly let down by the team not passing too him, and Reid ignoring him (and others) when in good goal scoring positions;
Anyinsah: Did well until he tired;
We are still in the Cup!
The overpowering negatives:
Not enough stuff to warm up the freezing dedicated
Francis: His distribution reached an all time low; he really seemed to be colour blind for much of the game. After coming out of a bad patch his last couple of games have seen him sink into the mire again;
Fortune: I am a Fortune fan and felt he should have been alongside Dailly for a number of our recent games. However, at one point he showed an appalling lack of speed that shed great light on all the stories that abounded about him having to get match fit. Until he can get up to speed, Doherty should return.
Lierra: tried really hard and generally had a fair game but still prone to serious mistakes and being given the run around on the ground. Like to think it is lack of first team outings but that may be too generous;
Racon: Did not stamp his authority on non-league opposition and drifted out of the game;
McCormack: Looked forward to seeing what he could do, but after a bright start faded badly;
Wagstaff: anonymous for most of the game, couldn’t beat his man or put in a decent cross;
Reid: Tries, and is player who can turn a game when in the right frame of mind. Not this time, after a good run to cross the ball for the first goal, infuriated mostly (especially in the second half) by either not looking up or blatantly going for the glory himself and not passing to others in goal scoring chances. The epitome of the schoolboy trying to impress with the message “pass to me and I’ll go through on my own”.
Have said it before, if he had done that too many times to "Killer" Hales he would have placed one on him!
Benson: I have been a fan until now. Everyone is allowed a stinker, let’s hope this Tricky banana skin: potential humiliation at Kenilworth Road unless we pull our socks up;
Elliot: He made several good stops but was nowhere near saving a first half shot that hit the post and did n ot make even an effort to stop their second goal.
Over the years Iit has never ceased to amaze me how goalkeepers can get caught 5 yards off their line and l.eae themselves wide open for the looping shot. The old escuse of narrowing the angles (especially when the threat is from 25 yards) has always seemed lame one.
If by a miracle, we get through, it's potentially Stevenage or Dover in the next round!


Ken Jennings said...

so - what's the preference?- knocked out by a not bad non-league team - or massacred at Spurs........

Mike BARRY said...

Luton (and Stevenage, my other feared fixture) are a little too close to me geographically to want to get beat by them. So, maybe a crucifixion at White Hart Lane might be preferred..
Having said that, whenever I have been to Spurs we have played quite well and surprised them. Cannot see it this year, but a draw and home reply would be a good money spinner (and I could even put up with the loud mouthed Spurs fans again for that).