Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Performance fails to keep feet (etc.) warm in East Stand

A cold uninspiring night at the Valley saw a point gained rather than lost, even though their keeper made two great saves from Sodje and McCormack in the closing minutes.
The side did not get their passing game going to any effect, not helped at all by the poor distribution from the full backs and the lack of running into empty spaces by the midfield and forwards.
Samedo did his usual spoiling game effectively. Though Racon probably just about won man of the match, the overall lack or creativeness led Parks to sacrifice Samedo’s combative skills to introduce some flair.
Martin did not stop running and cannot be faulted in that respect. However, though his early efforts promised a lot as the game wore on he reverted to failed attempted flicks rather than the simple straightforward option. He increasingly tried for glory ignoring others in better positions, epitomised by his miss in the last few minutes when Benson appeared to be free in the area. We need his inventiveness but he needs to get the balance right.
Jackson saw little of the ball in the first half when it was being constantly directed to Wagstaff who was generally ineffective. Given Jackson is in such good form this seemed a great waste.
McCormack performed promisingly when he came on and was thwarted by a great save from their keeper. With potentially heavy grounds overdue and ongoing injuries and suspensions he may have an important role to play. He is obviously capable of fulfilling the midfield dynamo role, I’m not sure how much of an attacking force he can be.
Sodje was all effort with limited skill but made a positive difference in being a constant thorn to the Rover's defence. He provides a good option as a late sub’ to turn a game. There were no Rudolf Nureyev pirouettes to win the elusive penalty (pity we could have done with one in this game).
As Major Ken of  CAFCPICKS tried to resist the damp cold of the East Stand (which Canada had not prepared him for) he rightly remarked that Benson appeared a half a yard too slow on the night. We missed Anyinsah who seems able to bring the best out in Benson.
The Southampton Boxing Day game is building up, thogh there are a few hgames to win before then. Let's hope it is not the usual anti-climax for us.

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