Thursday, 11 November 2010

Brazil (and Others)

It's interesting, and not just an exercise of egotism, to delve into the 'audience' statistics sitting behind your blog.
It reveals interest (or at least random'hits') from unlikely places such as Iraq, Korea,Czech Republic and Russia.
Places like Slovenia and snowier nearer spots on the continent may reflect our fellow supporters trying to stay in contact whilst on the piss (I mean piste), rather than my own visit out there back in the summer.
Other postings from far flung places may reflect lonely ex pats on long contracts abroad with their companies or the Government, British Council etc.
Some sources of interest sometimes let the imagination rip. In particular, my modest Blog seems to attract a regular and reasonable level of interest from Brazil.
Is this just a love of the beautiful game and all things Brit by that great footballing nation?
Does it reflect a fanatical interest in the British game that even manages to drop down to Division 1?
This may be the case, but I like to think it may also reflect memories from some in South America that may still be alive of CAFC's trip there many years ago (involving old prop' planes, dodgy coaches and probably cheap hotels for our former underpaid heroes).
I must look up that trip in the archives and determine to what extent we did the rounds in Brazil.
Meanwhile, it would be good if any of you out there in far flung parts of the globe can let us know the origin of your interests in our great club.
Please keep up your interest, great things may yet happen this season for Charlton Athletic!!

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Hungry Ted said...

Funnily enough, I too discovered the statistics page on my blog recently and found it fascinating. I could account for my high (in relative terms!) viewing numbers in Thailand as I have a very good friend who lives in Bangkok and I suspect he drops in every know and again, but heaven knows who my other worldwide viewers are.

Do you know, I think I recal some viewings from Brazil. Perhaps there's a web-connected, globe-trotting Addick amongst us.

I tend to be fairly sceptical of these sorts of stats, but it's a nice thought...