Saturday, 13 November 2010

Posh Coshed By Parky's Addicks

An exciting game started with CAFC pegging the Posh in their half for the first quarter. After such an encouraging start those who have seen it all before feared the worst!
Posh had a few breakaways and Elliot came to the rescue with a diving save.
Wagsaff had clipped the bar before our wildest dreams materialised on 15 minutes of this 'top of the table' clash when a great ball was threaded through to Wagstaff. He was tripped with one man to beat ( a sending off offence?) and Jackson fired one straight down the middle over the hapless keeper.
Already, the die hards anticipated a typical 'backs to the wall' to keep 'em out type of game, but no; just when everyone appealed for a penalty for a trip on Martin (on for the injured Anyinsah) Racon ignored the pleas and thundered it into the roof of the net. 
It all happened so quickly that the guy next to me was awaiting a penalty as Posh lined up to kick off after succumbing to Racon’s goal.
Two more goals followed unbelievably quickly and the Moyes terrace was in delirium.
(On a slightly negative point, those at the front of the terrace were pretty pissed off when a large number of our fans careered down the terrace after Martin's second goal. A guy at the station indicated he was concerned that his youngsters were going to get crushed. Pity as standing on the terraces was a welcome change with a great atmosphere, but it’s plain how the mindless are still capable of buggering it up for everyone else).
After Posh's 3 half time changes, they inevitably pressured.
Park's has got to sort out what appears to be a solid defence that conceded its first in 5 games (a penalty). It is not as solid as it seems, and this game was no exception. The opposition had a number of good chances following chaos in our penalty area.
This may in part be due to the fact that Parks’ current tactics appear to take the game to the opposition whether it's home or away, as many of us have been pleading for a while. So, I for one am not going to complain.
Posh clawed back a goal with a well placed free kick that one felt that Elliot could have made a better effort for. He pulled off a number of good saves to counter that but again looked suspect on the crosses.
It was impressive how the players threw themselves into tackles all over the pitch and did not tire, if anything they looked fitter than Posh at the final whistle.
Before Anyinsah went off Parks seemed to have fielded what definitely seems to be our best 11, other than perhaps not picking Fortune, but Doherty again had a good game.
Parks secured the required results against Carlisle and Sheffield Wednesday, followed them up with an excellent run in games at Swindon, Barnet, Southend and now achieved a fine result at Peterborough.
The team appears fully committed to the cause and they seem to be really playing for the manager, so full marks to Parks.
Samedo got an unnecessary booking for  time-wasting in the last 5 minutes. I see CAFCPICKS speculates that this may have been planned, which seems to make sense. Martin picked up yet another for mouthing; he needs to get this aspect f his game in order, though he was certainly fired up to a frenzy at Posh in Gascoine style.
With the results going the way they did, we have an excellent chance with two home games to come to cement ourselves in the top six and, most importantly, get into a good position come Xmas.
It’s too early to rejoice but it’s great that Parks seems to have turned the corner and vindicated those who had the patience to give him a fair crack of the whip rather than call for his premature departure.
Well done Park’s and the team.

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