Saturday, 14 August 2010

Committed Addicks Pass the Test

Cannot add much to the other excellent blog reports and am peering through a haze of contentment after a late night return up the Peterborough line last night.
The 100% commitment on the night was great in the face of another 10 man trial. The true grit and 50/50 challenges were evident (apart from a few notable exceptions but let's not be a damp squib). At last a performance on the box that may sour some on to watching us again and even paying some money at the turnstiles.
Though the squad is undeniably thin, my initial panic about forthcoming games that struck after Dailly was sent off was quelled by the solid performances of Lierra and Doherty and the knowledge that Mambo is there in the background to stake his claim.
Francis could maybe fulfill a role in the centre back position, though his marking on the night was a bit suspect. Martin and Abbot ran their socks off and McCormack impressed me again, I think he will a more than adequate replacemeent for Bailley apart from maybe being a regular goalscorer, though he has made a good start.
I was sceptical about Wagstaffe and still veer in that direction though after a relatively anonymous start you have to hand it to him for his goal and work to set up Solly. Maybe this will add to his confidence and spur him on to more consistent performances.
Apart from his duff corners, Spring had a cultured game and never stopped running. As others have noted, his grey locks have mysteriously disappeared and he looked even slimmer and never stopped running. I felt he was underrated and his record st CAFC was as much to do with lack of opportunity and the role he was given rather than lack of ability. It looked as if he was on good mutual terms with all the CAF team and coaching staff at the end.

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