Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Learning Curve Pain

A tactically selected team with youth / reserve players ahead of the Orient game provided a predictable result, even if the manner of throwing away a 3 goal league left a bitter taste.
However, Abbot and Martin are off the mark and several young players have been blooded in a fiery cup encounter.
It's part of an early learning curve and one best got out of the way in an insignificant cup match.
The opportunity was taken to assess the likes of Stavrinou (prob. like Tuna needs more time), Racon (who should have been motivated after smarting for not being selected on Saturday), Smart and Martin who looks like a regular selection once fit.
Had we been thumped 0-4, I would be a worried person today but this game and the result should be viewed as a training exercise with some distinct positives.
A decent draw or win at Orient will assign it to the long forgotten.
However, a better result will be highly desitable, if unlikely, in the FA Cup)
(Pretty dispicable admission, especially after the histrionics by the Bournemouth player, that Samedo's foul was not that bad).

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