Friday, 20 August 2010

The Parasites (and Shelvey)

Sooner we get these agent parasites out of the game the better, even if Parky and Millwall seem satisfied at the fees paid last season.
Good old Pards has relentlessly piled on the transfers, loans (and fees) for our rich mates down at Soton. If we cannot get the buggers out then at least trim their fees.
Of course, it is difficult for common sense to prevail when the top Premiership clubs and their paymasters condone the situation and continue to stoke up the fees.
They may just be doing that all the way to the grave. No doubt the Liverpool saga will continue and eventually be settled but I bet there are a few wobbly knees there at the moment.
Whilst on that subject, with the change of management and the pressure on the new manager for results, what is the likelihood of Shelvey being given much of an opportunity in the near future,
I hope he is, but is it possible that he will be farmed out on loan to some lowly Premiership club. If he finishes up at Wigan, apart from the money, he may begin to regret things.

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