Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Poker Patience Rewarded

Well done Murray & Parks in staying the course to the 23rd hour.
D & R were playing a chancy game themselves in holding out for the best deal but so were we, though maybe Murray & Parks knew that D &G wanted the money as much as we wanted the man.
On paper Benson sounds like a the kind of player we need. A reasoable goalscoring record at a lower club & division and something to prove and capaitalise upon in the twilight of his career. Let's hope he can come somewhere close to emulating Mendonca.
Though he has some height I am a little concerned about a suggestion that he is lightweight; it would be good if that concern is unfounded.
Do not have a view on Anyinsah but the recruitiment of another winger is interesting (especially if you consider that Martin might be better suited to playing on the flank regardless of his own preference).
The Fortune deal is a good one providing we get some reward and he is not sent out on loan only to return for a protracted period on the bench.
Fortune may have provided the option to recoup some money for Liera in the transfer market to fund other signings. However, it seems that this will not occur and in any case though Doherty has been solid I felt that Liera was unlucky to be dropped after the Orient game.
It seems Mambo may go out on loan when Fortune returns; my plea is that this promising youngster is not sidelined and forgotten.

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