Friday, 10 September 2010

Good Cover & Encouraging Injury News

Really bad luck for Dailly, and a tragedy for the first team, to lose him for up to 4 weeks. He seems the kind of guy (like 'sweaty' Stuart Balmer) who would soldier on in pain and blood given the option. However, the nature of the injury makes those less inclined to wince at the mere thought.
For once, the club seem to have a good level of cover over the next few games.
Doherty is proving more reliable than I anticipated, Liera is forever willing and solid in the air (but has always been prone to serious errors);' the same can be said of Fortune (though he made mistakes less frequently and is generally solid); let's hope he really can get fit.
I have always praised Mambo's potential and maybe he may yet get a real short term opportunity.
With Fry potentially able to fill in, a major disaster seems to have been averted. Well done Parks for some good work behind the scenes.
The above looks rosey, I just hope tomorrow vindicates this view!
The most encouraging news relates to Youga. He now at last seems to be now genuinely on the mend (if we are to believe current reports). I've expressed many times my previous fears about the prospect of a career threatening injury and it would be great if he is on the road to a full recovery. His attacking flair contributed more than most.
A return for Youga at left back could threaten Jackson's position but maybe Jackson could provide the missing creative link we need in midfield?

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