Tuesday, 14 September 2010

No PR is Bad PR

As ACD reported the comedy "Albert Memorial" on the box last night culminated in David Jason burying their old war mate in Germany with a CAFC flag draped over the coffin.
He also made an earlier ref to CAFC in the programme.
I recall that Jason also made a ref to CAFC in his "Trotter" days in "Only Fools and Horses". Trotter was based in Peckham, more adjacent to the dreaded 'New Den' foes, so to mention CAFC was indeed generous.
Not sure whether Jason has any affiliation to the club but we are grateful for the mention.
I passed on details of this BLOG to one of my contacts who after looking at it sent me an email which included the following.
" I know someone else who is a Charlton fan - he told me that when they were in the premiership they were really good value as you got to see all the big names from Chelsea, Man U, Arsenal etc at far less than anywhere else but that otherwise it is a bit of a rollercoaster ride! Looking at your blog I think it is aimed very much at those in the "know". I have no idea what CAFCPICKS means and have to admit that that initially I thought it might be about Chelsea until I saw a reference to Charlton but I'm not a football fan".
Quite a reasonable resume?!!


Hungry Ted said...

Wasn't Rodney Trotter's middle name 'Charlton'? I seem to remember it being mentioned several times throughout the run of OF&H.

Mike BARRY said...

Thanks for that Hungry Ted. Good to hear from a fellow East Stand season ticket holder.
Am impressed with your "conversion" to the Valley. Even though the original Valley was primitive in comparison to the compact ground we now have now, I think you would have also been hooked by the Old East Stand terrace, which I am sure you have seen pictures of, with its packed terrace of 30,000 + fans, getting soaked to the skin for about a quarter of the games : a La Yeovil!

Hungry Ted said...

Strangely, Mike, it was the Old East Terrace that I found so fascinating when I was a young lad (perhaps based on its huge bulk and a seemingly mystifying air of expectancy and hope...even when empty) and it is a massive regret of mine that I can't ever claim to have stood on there (although that's perhaps the reason I've held a season ticket in the East Stand for 16 years).

Why the Valley captivated me so much with so many stadiums of character around in the early 80's I don't really understand, but whatever drew me in to the club - whilst all my mate were either Arsenal or Spurs - I will never truly be able to put my finger on.

At least you know wasn’t a glory-hunter!!!

Great blog, by the way…

Mike BARRY said...

Interesting stuff HT. Made me reflect on some of my abiding memories (excuse the self indulgence):
The atmosphere of a reasonably full, wet steaming terrace for a floodlit game (increasingly only when we had a local derby of a big cup game);
Duane Eddy's "Because they're Young", and "Ballad of Paladin" & the Shadows "Wonderful Land" on the PR system;
Taking a small wooden stall (made in my school woodworking class) for my young nephew to stand on to see the game: couldn’t even get it past security now);
Seeing Paul Went take out Millwall's cocky Derek Possee on the touchline with an awesome (but fair) tackle;
Being able to see such greats as:
Eddie Firmani (just back from Italy) taking on John Charles (also just back) in a 5-2 thrashing of Cardiff;
Seeing the tragic Johnny Summers and Sam Lawrie (two great wingers);
Our great midfield and defence of Mike Bailey, Marvin Hinton and Brian Tocknell;
The man who came round selling "Roasted Peanuts" and the ice cream seller who shouted out "Splits are Lovely" (prob. Not politically correct now)!!
Getting to the Valley on 20 inch bikes from Catford with my primary school mates and parking them for 6 old pence by the Sam Bartram gate (those were the days; another current East Stander Ray Lambert was one of them: must meet up with him some time).