Friday, 17 September 2010

Apprentice Steps In

Darren took this call but unfortunately it was not from CAFC to extend his contract.

If rumours are to be believed his exit to Motherwell was primarily because he wanted a 2 year contract that the club were unwilling to come up with. Perhaps, wages came into it but I have not picked up anything on that, but who knows.

He performed magnificently in the run-in to the play-offs and it seemed that some reward may have come his way but that was not to be.

We have signed Luke Daniels who looks a good prospect with previous England Under 19 caps. However, he has no first team experience other than Tranmere and Shrewsbury when he was 20 and 21 years. So it's a tall order to now step into the fray in our vitial promotion push.

However, we all wish him well and like others before him perhaps this loan will offer him a breakthrough in his fortunes. I notice that he was unlucky enough to have had one loan spell cancelled in the past following a back injury: so let's hope he keeps clear of the Charlton goalkeeper injury jinx during his stay with us.

Coincidently, he had a brief loan spell at Motherwell before Darren Randolph joined them.

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