Saturday, 11 September 2010

3 Points To Savour (even though)

There are some good summaries courtesy of "Forever Charlton"; here's some additional thoughts, apart from the fact that we got 3 points by the skin of our teeth and prob. undeservedly.
I don't totally agree with others about Matt Fry. I thought he looked unconvincing in the air and found the power of Hughes a real handful (though most others prob. would have as well).
Liera must be feeling pretty fed up; yes he paid the price for his error at Exeter, but he was a hero at Orient and prob. would have dealt with Hughes better in my view who missed two sitters (even if one was marginally off-side) as well as the penalty and was a constant thorn in the side. Fortune got a good reception and was a candidate for inclusion, assuming he is fully fit.
The bad news was that the midfield was equally as dire creatively as it has been in other games. Much has been made of McCormack and Samedo being too similar, but the other options that remain are none too convincing creatively.
Racon added something but was nowhere near his form of old. Maybe Jackson (if/when Youga returns) and perhaps Fry might spice things up.
Martin looked classy but, like Reid, also has to deliver more and shut up mouthing the referee as he already has too many unnecessary yellow cards.
Benson toiled away and had some good touches in the air. He looked fully match fit and no more tired than Abbot who should have been the one replaced by Sodje. Taking him off looked to be a potential demotivator to me.
One major grouse: why cannot referees demonstrate something near consistency.
Every free kick within range of the goal should be paced out for 10 yards. He refreshingly did this for one free kick then when it mattered most, when we had a free kick on the edge of the area, totally chickened out. Had he pushed their line back to inside the goal area where they should have been a goal may have been on the cards, if we could have kept the ball it below the bar!! Subsequently, he reverted to pacing out the yards again: why not every time!!!
Benson had every right to remonstrate to Park's after the game on the lines of :
"You told me when you signed me that someone would pass to me and maybe even offer me the odd opportunity to score"

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