Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Reid feeds Benson to end the Tension

It was another poor yawning night of football at the Valley but this time it was the right result to lift the gloom.
Parks made the moves that a number of us had been suggesting: Fortune in, Fry at left back and Jackson to midfield.
In general, there were positive results, though Jackson will need more time to fit into a midfield role.
Once again we created in an inadequate number of chances though Sam the man nearly got onto a good through ball (thwarted by his lack of goalscoring panache) but almost amended with a tremendous shot that was too close to the keeper.
Once again, unless he really is seriously nursing an injury, Parks left it almost too late to replace the ineffectual Wagstaff with Reid. I am one of the believers that feel Reid needs more than about 15-20 minutes to make his mark. Whenever he comes on he gives us the width, ability to beat a man and, more importantly, the ability to get a good cross in. We were woeful in that respect with only Jackson provbidiong some good crosses while Martin, Francis and Wagsatff showed their defficiences to some embarassment.
I had said prevoiously that Besnon had every right to complain the Parks about the lack of opportunity he was being given by the pauslack of decent balls to test his scoring instincts out.
Again, he ran and ran to little avail; and paucity of decent passes, until Reid fashioned a great low cross which he cheerfully put away to open his account.
Could this be the turning point?. If we could scaramble a draw or more at Brentford the Brighton game is now nicely set up.


Hungry Ted said...

Nice headline!

Mike BARRY said...

May just go for Poet Laureate at next opportunity