Sunday, 3 October 2010

Continuation of the Same

I do not idolise Reid but it seems plain to see that he is one of our few players who can take on the opposition and give them the fright of their life.
Once again, he was on the bench and only brought into play in the second half whereupon he did enough to make a late goal for Wagstaffe and encourage a late rally.
I am still unsure as to whether he is carrying an injury that causes Parks not to select him at the outset. My view is that if he is fit enough to come on late in the game and cause problems, then why not select him at the start.
There are so many games that we have played away from home over the last couple of seasons where we have defended furiously going 1 or 2 nill down only to come back to dominate the last 20 minutes and either draw level or finish up losing by the odd goal.
Reid has been instrumental of late in supporting the fight back so why don’t we start the games with an objective of taking it to the opposition and getting a goal in front rather than have to persistently fight back, often against inferior opposition.
Francis defensive frailities exposed us for one of their goals but without Solly and Youga to challenge we have no options.
I have expressed fears about Youga's fitness in the past. When Parks was recently describing progress on the injuries front, Youga was conspicuous by his absense. I hope this is not a really bad sign?
Getting it right seems to be a combination of instilling the right attitude and belief into the team, the right tactics and the right team selection. Parks has got to juggle these so we get it right or it is going to be a long painful season and he is going to be under increasing pressure.

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