Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Selection: getting there; now the tactics!

After much opinion around the web, including my own, we seem to be nearing the side that many feel we need with Reid starting the game (and actually staying on for 90 mins), Fortune partnering Dailly (with the stead Doherty an excellent choice if injuries and yellow cards beckon), and Lierra there to draft in especially if we face 6ft 4 inches battering rams.
At MK Dons, Reid as usual was the key to opening up the defence and at least he had 90 mins to try.
Decisions have to be reached on midfield creativity and who to play up front. My own view is that Martin would be best employed as a sub to liven up the side if required unless a brave decision is taken to play him instead of Wagstaffe given the latter’s goal scoring to date. However, my view is that that does not make up for his general lack of contribution and Martin should be given the opportunity to be a second winger alongside Reid .
Benson and Abbot deserve a run and if we select Martin and Reid on the flanks they might get a decent service.
Even if we eventually get the selection right, we must sort out the tactics.
I cannot agree more with 'Drinking During the Game' more regarding our tactics. A number of us have been saying for a couple of seasons that we cannot understand why we start (away games in particular) in such a low key, negative way. In so many games, out of desperation at going one goal behind we bombard the opposition and sometimes get the required one of two goals (as per Swindon last season) or alternatively it comes as too little too late.
With the right team and tactics we may have a chance of getting a run of good results (which will be a real challenge given the imminent threatening fixtures).

So, once the selection is sorted, let's go at the opposition from the first minute.
Better going one or two up, even if we are to mistakenly try to hold on to it, than going one to two down. It may be better for the nerves of the travelling support!

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