Monday, 4 October 2010

Duane: For those who remember!

A slight digression; for a change!
Saw rock guitar legend Duane Eddy at a packed Royal Festival Hall,  London on Saturday night.
Just flown in from the States from Nashville which has seen monsoon conditions, floods and many deaths (inexplicably not reported here) and is reported to have lost 30 of his guitars that were in 'safe storage' in Nashville.On top of that he had a diabolical cold to combat.
In spite of all that, the 72 year old gave a great professional performance, provided an encore and was generous in his thanks to his UK fans.

Reminded me of the '60's when Duane's "Because They’re Young" and " Ballad of Palladin" echoed around the Valley as I walked around the Sam Bartram end on my way to taking up my position on the East Terrace.

Our side needs to demonstrate Duane type spirit against Brighton which is already a crunch game.

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