Sunday, 10 October 2010

Benson ends the Tension again

Not highly crafted blistering shots but crucial poacher goals for Benson.
If he can slot in a few to remember over the season that will be a added bonus but if he regularly demonstrates a poacher's talent to put away goals like his last three nobody will feel short changed.
I was impressed by his persistence. In partcular the first goal at Plymouth which had a bit of Mendonca, Hales and Matt Tee's bravery all rolled into it.
Reid "terrorised" the defence again and Martin  had a good spell on the wing (apart from another booking) and as previously stated, these can provide an effective twin winh attacking force even at the expense of Wagstaffe's goalscoring run.
It was good to see Dailly back even if he was forced to take on the captain's responsibility by filling in for Francis. The injury to Solly has exposed us at right back to an injury to Francis (or a run of poor form as in the last few games).
Doherty redeemed himself (to be fair may still be suffering from post flu symptons) with that headed cross for Benson after a shaky game. However, Fortune and Dailly promise to be our best back four selection option.
Regrettably it was  still a game of two totally different halves which I bemoaned in my last post, and this still needs to be sorted but credit to Parks for at least cranking up the performance after half time.
Here's hoping for two halves of 90 minutes committted effort against Brighton (and the odd penalty decision like that down on the Sussex coast yesterday!) 

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