Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Bent gets the Scent but Beanpole Sees Green Light

Well Benty appears to have lost out to some over zealous training and tackling at Wembley during their ‘keep the ball’ session.
So we are now landed with the beanpole for another taste of looping crosses and playing to his strengths. To be fair to him he has notched up goals for England but does it do our national game’s reputation that much fielding a player with such physical attributes being his main claim to fame?.
I would prefer both Bent and Davies (who should not have been overlooked for so long) as being capable of adding better all round skills and a touch of style and excitement to our game. Surely we want a team to exude style that we can be proud of?
Of greater concern is figuring out why players succumb so often to significant injuries during training or on match days.
One factor is that players seem over trained in order to get maximum power and speed. As a result, their bodies are tuned to so highly that the slightest contact, stretch or over enthusiasm can pull a muscle, ligament or tendon here there or anywhere.
In years past, we never had the same profusion of hamstring pulls or medial ligament problems, nor incidents where players get injured during game warming up and have to be substituted before KO.
The ridiculous emphasis on style of boots being worn by our players doesn't help. Trendy coloured plastic styles designed with an emphasis on speed & comfort afford little ankle protection which had previously helped to avoid foot and ankle injuries. You would prob. not have got Derek Hales or Chopper Harris wearing them (or the unfortunates who had to play against them).
Finally, why do they get involved in such antics during training before a ‘big; game at Wembley? My guess is its because the players (who seem to have the power) like a ‘keep the ball’ fun game together with the need for the coaching staff feel to ensure they are sharp having missed their weekend games due to the break.
They would prob. be better off keeping sharp by fulfilling the weekend fixtures and taking a chance on injuries, then taking things easier before the mid week game with some less arduous training?

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