Saturday, 25 September 2010

One more like this and it's looking bleak!

After a good start with a crashing shot from Martin against the bar following a good run, we proceeded to tear D & R apart only to miss around 4 good chances. Benson was not at fault on any of these, and it looked promising as were playing the ball from the back and for once making chances; however it has to be said that D & R looked poor. Liera scored easily from a corner against a suspect looking defence and it looked promising. But once again, we failed miserably to capitalise on our superiority only to then give away a dodgy penalty just before half time.
The second half disintegrated into desperation with long ball stuff and some nervous defending from Liera. Much as I admire his enthusiasm and commitment, if he misses or loses a tackle against a reasonably fast forward he is done for as he has no turn of speed. This happened a couple of times and we were lucky to get away with it.
Reid came on after the ineffectual Wagstaffe was substituted belatedly. I'm afraid he was anonymous again but in mitigation he is a right footed player on the left wing (we have done that a few times over recent years) so was never able to go around the full back apart form cutting inside (which is far too predictable). He also decided to cut in right and fire a shot that was saved when a more spontaneous left footed shot would prob. have had their keeper in trouble. Reid eventually went off limping; has he been carrying an injury for some time? If not I cannot see why he is brought on so late as he generally causes opposition defences trouble once he comes on.
At the end of a poor second half devoid of any quality football, Parks gambled on bringing Fry at left back to release Jackson to move up after Reid went off injured. It paid off with a neat headed Jackson goal into extra time.
Just prior to that we were adopting our usual desperate hanging on game and resorting to long balls for the two front runners to chase; and, as usual, making a weak opposition look good.
Their play down the right had been threatening throughout the second half and our reserve keeper saved our bacon on a couple of times though he made you lose a heart beat every time they punted one over in the air.
The substitution then backfired badly when Fry, playing at left back, was turned inside out and the resultant cross enabled a last minute equaliser.
We have just about kept touch, but if our season is to be decided by form and results in this and the next MK Dons home game then without a convincing 3 points against the Dons it is looking bleak.
(One trailing thought, I watched the last 25 minutes of the Man City V Chelsea game on the screen behind the East Stand. Much of the play was sideways or backwards and if I were served up this every week as top quality "Premiership" stuff I would seriously question the ludicrous admission prices: the Germans as usual are showing us the way on this).

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